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     Cavaliers are a gentle, loving breed who long to be a part of a family unit.  They easily adjust their activity level to suit the level of activity in their home.  They live only to love, and to be loved, by their owners.

Cavaliers love to be in a lap and will claim one as soon as someone sits down :)  Appropriate coined as a "LOVE SPONGE", Cavaliers were bred to be companion dogs, and that is what they live and desire to do.  You will never have privacy if you live with a Cavalier.  Going to the bathroom alone will be a thing of the past.  A Cavalier will follow you and make it clear that they do not wish to be left alone all day.  Therefore, they are not an ideal breed for a family that doesn't have someone at home a majority of the time.

They come in four colors: blenheim (chestnut and white), tri-color (black and white with tan markings), ruby (a rich red), and black & tan. 
We specialize only in the solid colors--the rubies and the black & tans.

We have turned our love for this awesome breed into a hobby!  We believe in providing the best nutrition, health care, and socialization opportunities for our puppies.  We feed an all-natural diet which includes NuVet Plus Canine supplements.
Our home is located in Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula. We are an easy drive from Grand Rapids, Detroit, or Chicago. Our puppies are hand raised in our home as part of our family, as they are the babies of our “babies”. We start the housebreaking process at about 5 weeks, the puppy comes with its first shots and is dewormed several times.  We offer and recommend microchipping with the AVID system for the protection of your new baby. All of our adults are AKC registered and all the puppies are AKC registerable.  Our adults are certified for heart and eye related issues. Beware of "vet checked" Cavaliers.  We offer a one year written health guarantee.

We love our puppies very much, and work to make sure that they go to a loving, stable and healthy homes.   We will never allow our babies to go to a puppy mill or retail store!  MOST OF OUR PUPPIES ARE  PLACED ON LIMITED REGISTRATION! 
Thanks for your interest in our babies, and if we can help you, please let us know.  You can call us at 231-779-6904 or email us at:

 If you are seriously interested in adopting one of our puppies, PLEASE call us as I prefer to speak to prospective parents!  We also get tons of emails, which I try to answer all, but sometimes not as fast as I would like, so please call us at: (231)-779-6904

Enjoy your Cavalier Experience!  There is no other experience like it!

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